Here is some advice on school trouble.
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Can't Concentrate in ClassEdit

If you can't concentrate in class, think of someway to make the subject you are studying fun. If you are sleepy in class it is probably because you woke up late. You can prevent this from happening by using an alarm clock or going to bed the same time every night.

Cliques and Mean GirlsEdit

Cliques are small groups of girls who think they are cooler than everybody else. If you find yourself being teased by a mean girl or clique remind yourself that you shouldn't care what they think. They are just a bunch of selfish, stuck up, mean, jerks. Never tease a girl who teases you because sometimes a girl will bully a person because they are insecure, having a bad day, or it makes them feel better. Instead it is better let it go, and if it continues happening and/or increases you should tell an adult/teacher.

Some girls get bullied when they are children and later in highschool bully everybody else to avoid being teased again. Some girls become very sensitive and emotional because of this. Remember that bullying someone else it not a good thing, even if it makes you feel better.

Instead of teasing other girls, you should try to find an alternative way to brighten up your day. You could compliment a friend or help someone out, because doing postive things can make you feel good about yourself more then doing negative things.

Getting Sidetracked When Doing HomeworkEdit

Depending on how you are you can like to do your homework in peace and quiet or with lots of sound. Doing it in peace and quiet can help you stopped getting sidetracked by other people in your house. Also when it is quiet around you a house can seem scary and lonely. Listening to music can help prevent that.

Locker ProblemsEdit

Most schools will have combination locks. If you need help with that it is best to ask a friend, parent, or teacher. If your school doesn't have combination locks it is a key lock. Doing that is simple take your key slide it in the key hole and turn it to the right.

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